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Finding the best water softeners for your home can be a challenging task. There are multiple options out there, but which equipment is going to give you the desired result without breaking the bank. We will give you all the options and let you decide. We offer a free water test and there is no obligation to buy. We want you to make an informed decision without the pressure!

Water softener systems: What to look for

There are many things to consider when looking for a water softener system. Let us help you make the right choice by giving you all the options possible based on your situation, whether that be financial or your dwelling situation, we are confident we can provide you with the best service and not only the best water softener system but also the best water filtration equipment at the best rate possible.

Are you aware that your water can be deemed as “hard” if its measuring at least 60mg of dissolved magnesium and calcium? In most areas, that number can reach as high as 180mg. beating the hardiness of your water is not so much of a tough challenge but the reaping the reward is simply amazing.

The fact is; you only need one cool device and all of your problems with stained dishes, dry and ashy skin and spotty laundry will disappear. Once you are in possession of the best water softener on the planet, you will finally be able to enjoy consuming your local municipal water

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Hard Water? Try Water Softening.

Dry Skin

If your skin is feeling dry, you can rest assure we will provide you with the best water softening equipment at an affordable rate.

Spotty laundry

If you’ve noticed dinginess, graying, or yellowing of fabrics, you’re probably in need of a water conditioner. You’ve come to the right spot! WWS has the full home water softener system you need to fix the problem

Spots on Glassware?

If you’ve noticed your glassware is full of detergent spots, don’t be mad at your soap! It’s your hard waters fault! We can treat your water so you can treat your dishes so they shine bright like a diamond.

What To Expect With Hard Water

Hard WaterHard water interferes with nearly every cleaning job from dishwashing to laundering, to personal grooming and bathing. Laundry cleaned in hard water may appear dingy and feel tough and itchy.

Glasses and other dishes may be spotted when dried. Hard water can cause a film on your shower glass doors, bathtubs, shower walls, faucets, sinks etc. Hair that is washed in hard water can feel sticky and look dull.

Water flow can also be reduced by the deposits in your pipes. Dealing with hard water problems in your home can be a pain.  The volume of hardness minerals in your water will affect the amount of detergent and soap necessary for all of your cleaning.

Soap that is used in hard water combines with the minerals that create a sticky soap curd. Most synthetic detergents aren’t effective in hard water because one of the active ingredients is inactivated by the water hardness, even though it remains dissolved.

Bathing with soap in hard water creates a film of sticky soap on your skin. The film may stop the removal of bacteria and soil. Soap curds interfere with the return of your skins normal, lightly acid condition, and in most cases lead to irritation. Soap curd on your hair may create dull, lifeless and a difficult to manage texture. When cleaning laundry in hard water, soap curds get stuck in the fabric during washing to make your fabric rough and stiff.

Incomplete soil removal from your laundry creates graying of your white fabric and the removal of brightness in your clothes colors. A sour odor in most cases develops in clothes. Repeated laundering in hard water will shorten the life of your clothes.

Additionally, soap curds can deposit on showers, bathtubs and dishes, and all of your water fixtures. Hard water also adds to inefficient and expensive operation of your water-consuming appliances. Heated hard water creates a scale of magnesium and calcium minerals that will most likely contribute to the inefficient operation or failure of your water-consuming appliances.

Pipes can get clogged with scale buildup that restricts the water flow and eventually requires pipe replacement. Problems with black and red stains in your dishwasher and on your dishes.

Evaluating your water quality is our specialty at WWS.

With multiple years of combined experience within our team, WWS has all the resources required to provide the positive experience within the water solutions industry. We specialize in water conditioning for both for municipal and your private water. Our approach allows us to deliver customized water filter solutions ranging from commercial water softening and purifying to all areas of entire home and point of use drinking water. Also offered is a complete line of salt free water purification systems for commercial and home applications. Below are some of the many benefits offered by installing a WWS water purification system in your business or your home:

Skin and hair

Conditioned water will make life much more enjoyable by helping ordinary hair come alive! With our water softeners, you can eliminate the use of expensive hair conditioning products. Water that is treated with a conditioner will leave your skin baby soft after bathing and will create a luxurious experience in your shower or bathtub by leaving your skin amazingly soft and clean! Kicking expensive moisturizers and creams to the curb

Bring your clothes back to life!

Having a WWS water treatment system will ensure you get the longevity of life in your clothes and other washables. The American Laundry Institute says that conditioned water offers an additional 15% of life compared to regular water. After using a WWS water softener, your clothes will come out brighter, cleaner and full of more color than ever before!

Cleaning your home

You can save 2/3 of your time is cleaning by doing it with WWS treated water! Cleaning toilet bowls, shower stalls and other time-consuming jobs can be done with a quick wipe. A recent study completed at Ohio State University said that cleaning water that is treated with a water softener will save up to 80 hours a year! That’s nearly $1200 a year (at minimum wage). How much is your time worth?

Sparkling clean dishes and glassware

Finally, you’ll be able to pull your dishes out of the dishwasher with satisfaction! How happier would you be if all of your floors, dishes, surfaces and everything in your house was sparkling clean with less than half of the effort? installing one of our conditioners in your home will remove that stubborn soap scum off all of your surfaces leaving you with the satisfaction in knowing that you got the job done the first time!

Life of your water consuming appliances

All of the big name manufactures such as Maytag, GE, Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid just to name a few say that using a water softener to treat your water will keep your appliances in top condition for an extended period of time. This also includes your water heater. Not having a water conditioner will cost you over time by early replacement of your appliances


It has been proven by scientists that there is a connection between skin allergies and hard water. Some hard water has been linked to harm the skin regardless if the sensitivity is mild or severe. Dermatologist Dennis Gross says dryness of skin and scalp which can lead to redness and rosacea can be caused by shampoo not being completely rinsed off from use of hard water and that there is a connection between hard water and skin disorders.

Dr. Gross also indicates that hard water that carries heavy metals sometimes clog pores and creates increased acne and they also act as free radicals, affixing itself to otherwise healthy skin cells and eliminating them. Fine lines and wrinkles appear when the breakdown of collagen happens. Hard water also sometimes carries iron which when introduced to the sun is energized and can be linked to skin cancer.

The Best Network

With multiple years of qualified experience and in our network thousands of happy customers across Canada you can always expect the highest quality of water with use of our softeners and water purifiers. WWS is an all-in-one for your water purification and water conditioning needs; we supply, install and service your equipment. We offer the best warranty available on all of our products and we stand behind all of the products that we supply. At WWS we develop, and design innovative Canadian products designed to take care of all water quality problems across the nation. Our water softeners and water purifiers provide solutions for river water, well water, local municipal water and water heavy in minerals including iron. Each individual water source has its own unique characteristics and challenges. Winnipeg Water Softeners rises to any challenge. We look forward to providing the best possible solutions at an amazing price.

The Best Choice For Your Water Quality Needs

The WWS team is committed to deliver the highest level of service in the water softening and water purification business in Winnipeg. After you have reviewed the water quality equipment with one of our specialists, we can have your installation started within the first 48 hours. The amount of equipment in inventory we keep allows us to offer this incredible service. However, having the water conditioners, purifiers and all the other products we offer isn’t where we stop. From scheduling to installation, WWS has created the most unique system with dedicated professionals for each step in our process.







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